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The Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving ( AO 1945: Thanksgiving Day), known in English as Thanksgiving Day, is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States, in Canada and in the islands of the Caribbean, observed as a day of thanksgiving to God, with prayers and parties, for the good events that occurred during the year.


First of all, Thanksgiving was celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the New England region in the form of Christian festivals in thanks for the good harvests held this year. For this reason, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the fall (the northern hemisphere ), after the harvest has been gathered and is now celebrated on the last Thursday of November.


The first of these was celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts, by the settlers who founded the village in 1620. The following year, after bad harvests and harsh winter, the settlers had a good corn crop in the summer of 1621. By order of the village governor, in honor of the progress of this crop in previous years, the party was marked in the early fall of 1621. Plymouth men killed ducks and turkeys. Other foods that were part of the menu were fish and corn. About ninety Indians would have participated in the festival. Everyone ate outdoors at large tables.


For many years, Thanksgiving was not instituted as a national holiday and was observed as such in only certain states, such as New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia. In 1863, then-President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, declared that the fourth Thursday of November would be National Thanksgiving Day.

But in 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt instituted that this day would be celebrated in the third week of November to aid commerce by increasing the time available for pre-Christmas advertising and shopping (at the time, it was considered inappropriate for advertising products to a sale before Thanksgiving). Since Roosevelt’s statement was not mandatory, 23 states adopted Roosevelt’s measure and 22 did not, with the rest taking both Thursdays (the third and fourth week of November) as Thanksgiving. The United States Congress, to resolve this impasse, then instituted that Thanksgiving would be celebrated definitively on Thursday of the fourth week of November and would be a national holiday.


Thanksgiving Parade in New York.
Both in the United States and Canada, Thanksgiving is commonly a day when person use their free time to be with family, having large family reunions and dinners. It is also a day when many person devote their time to religious thoughts, prayers, and masses.

Thanksgiving is celebrated with big parades and also in the United States, with the realization of the football games. The main dish of Thanksgiving is commonly turkey, which gives Thanksgiving the nickname ” Turkey Day”. In addition, cookies are also very traditional on this date. In 1967 there was a massacre on Thanksgiving during a demonstration, and in 1969 indigenous persons occupied the Alcatraz prison on this date.