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An ice soda is a frozen snack of water or milk on a stick. Unlike ice cream or Sorbet, which is whipped as it freezes to prevent ice crystals from forming, an ice burst freezes when it is resting and becomes a continuous block of ice. The stick is used as a handle to hold it. Without a stick, the frozen product is known as something else (eg a Freezie).

best of popsicle coloring page
best of popsicle coloring pages

Ice Popsicles can also be called shovels (Canada, United States, New Zealand), freezer (USA), Ice, Ice (UK, India, Ireland, South Africa), ice block (New Zealand, parts of Australia), Lolly Ice (parts of Australia) or ice fall in Filipino.

elegant popsicle coloring page
fresh popsicle coloring page

An alternative to the pallets purchased in the store is to make them at home using fruit juice, beverages, or any Freezable beverage. A classic method involves the use of ice cube trays and toothpicks, even though various pop ice freezer molds are also available.

inspirational popsicle coloring page
unique popsicle coloring page

On June 22, 2005, Snapple attempted to beat the entry of existing Guinness World records from a Dutch pop 1997 of 21 feet (6.4 m) of ice, while attempting to raise a 25-foot (7.6 m) ice pop in new York city. The 17.5 short tons (15.9 t) of frozen juice that had been brought from Edison, new Jersey into a melted freezer truck faster than expected, hopes for a new record. The spectators fled to higher ground as the firefighters removed the melted juice.