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A Pirate (from the Greek πειρατής, peiratés , derived from πειράω, “to try, to assault”, by the Latin and Italian pirate ) is a marginal who, autonomously or organized in groups, crosses the seas only with the purpose of promoting looting and plundering to ships and cities for wealth and power. The pirate’s best-known stereotype refers to the Pirates of the Caribbean, whose golden age, known as the Golden Age of Piracy, occurred mainly between the 16th and 18th centuries.

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Pirate ship was like the vessels were known corsairs or pirates who practiced looting and pillaging to their advantage without answering the flag of any state national ( pirates ) or at the behest of their own government ( privateers ). The money won was, most of the time, shared, but not always.

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Because of the heavyweight, the mast had on the vessel, there was a giant imbalance that often plagued ships, often on the high seas, forcing pirates to put tons of limestone in the bottom of the ships to balance them.

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The pirate ships were, in fact, a constant threat in the seas between the centuries XVI and XVIII. Its flag, placed at the top of the mast, said: “Surrender or die”.

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