Introduction And Guide To Oil Painting

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Oil painting is as fascinating as it is versatile. Many beginners choose the oil painting technique because it is easy to work with.
No doubt the results are fascinating… but make no mistake about it, you always have to learn, practice and choose the best materials.

Introduction And Guide To Oil Painting
Introduction And Guide To Oil Painting


The possibilities for creating artwork with this medium are endless:

  • Oil paints can be applied to the canvas in thick and consistent layers by means of a spatula or in combination with spatula and brushes.
  • They can be applied directly from the tube or shades prepared on the work palette.
  • They can be applied to thin and diluted layers of glaze through various days of work or directly and quickly to finish a job in one day.
  • Can be applied individually or mixed with other mediums to create fabulous effects

It is for this and many other reasons that oil painting is becoming increasingly popular among many artists.

However, oil painting is a difficult technique to perfect, and occasionally complex and intimidating for beginners to the point of discouraging and giving them up early on.

The difficulty stems mainly from the lack of knowledge of the medium and its vast possibilities.

My goal in this blog will, therefore, be to make the beginner and not only aware of this fabulous medium and help them not give up until they become the artists they want to be!