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Every year, there seem to be some toys that are the hottest toys of the year. To whom the children are obsessed. They beg and look for them. Willing to do anything to have only one. These toys always come to the top of their holiday wish lists. Parents, 2016 is all about Hatchimals toys.

lovely hatchimals coloring page

You may be wondering, what are Hatchimals toys? Why do my kids want these toys so badly? How can I buy one when they are already sold out almost everywhere?

What if I can not find one before the holidays?

beautiful hatchimals coloring page

For children who like to collect small toys hidden in aluminum foil bags or blind bags, and enjoy the thrill of not knowing who or what is hidden inside, then no wonder they beg for Hatchimals.

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Hatchimals are small robotic animals known as Pengualas or Draggles, which are hidden inside large eggs. Once the egg is removed from the box, children have to take care of their toy by touching, rubbing and tilting the egg. The eye color of the toy will change, inside the egg.

beautiful hatchimals coloring pages

Depending on the color of the eyes, the toy may be hungry, afraid, cuddly, angry/annoyed, need to burp, have hiccups, be sick, have a cold, want to be autonomous or just be tired. Each feeling requires the child to complete an action, such as touching the egg, tilting it in the air or holding the bottom. After doing this for some time, the eyes will change to the color of the rainbow.

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This means that your toy is ready to hatch, or poke the egg out. Eventually, the toy twisted enough of the egg so that the top of the egg could be removed. The new toy will be revealed inside. Be patient. It may take 25-30 minutes for the toy to cover.

luxury hatchimals coloring pages

Hatchimal responds to the touch, but there is no need to worry, it will not pick up when the child is not around.

There are different types of Hatchimals. While children can choose between a Penguala or a Draggle, there is no way to know which color toy they received until it escapes from the egg.

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The fun does not stop when the Hatchimal hatch. Children still play with their toy and teach them different actions. Hatchimal will grow from a baby to a child and finally to a child. The kids know when their Hatchimal grows into a new stage as they will sing the music and dance of Hatchy’s birthday. Once the toy grows to be a child, it can be restarted to be a baby again, but it can never re-hatched from the egg.

luxury hatchimals coloring pages

Hatchimals are very popular and will be hard to find holiday toys. It will take time, patience and maybe even spend a little more money than what is sold in a store, but there are a few ways to find these popular toys.

lovely hatchimals coloring pages
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Cheers to finding a Hatchimals toy so your child can have a Happy Hatchy birthday!