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Mother’s Day is a celebration that honors the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated in various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May. It complements similar celebrations in honor of family members, such as parents ‘ day, brothers ‘ day and grandparents ‘ day.

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Modern mother’s Day began in the United States on the initiative of ANN Reeves Jarvis in the early twentieth century. This is not (directly) related to the many traditional maternal and maternal celebrations that have existed throughout the world over thousands of years, such as the Greek cult of Cibeles, the Roman Festival of Hilaria, or the Christian maternity Sunday celebration ( Originally a celebration of the mother Church, not motherhood). In some countries, however, Mother’s Day continues to be synonymous with these older traditions.

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The modern American version of Mother’s Day has been criticized for becoming very commercialized. Founder Jarvis Moured This commercialism and expressed opinions about how he never intended.

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