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In Fortnite the goal is quite simple, at least in Battle Royale mode: you select your character, which is random in every match, but uses pre-configured equipment, and is launched on the map with another 99 person falling on an island with a parachute. From there, only one survives. Without any weapon, you must establish a perimeter and deal with the threat of other participants. The gameplay is always in the third person and you always have to walk on the map, while avoiding a storm that diminishes the area.

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It is necessary to always be aware of the threats of the players around you from it is easy to die and there is no “respawn”, that is, rebirth. If you die, you lose the battle. Only one survives and leaves as the great winner of the match. As you gain, more levels advance and you can buy more aesthetic for your character, with the money of lie.

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Thanos is a fictitious supervillain who appears in American comics released by Marvel Comics. Created by the writer and artist Jim Starlin, the character first appeared in The Invincible Iron Man # 55 (February 1973). Its name is in part a play on words that refers to the Greek term Θάνατος ( Thánatos ), which means death, but mainly it is a deformation of the name of the god of nonviolent death, Thanatos. He is the son of Mentor and the brother of Starfox.

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