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The mixture between Minecraft and Left 4 Dead, Fortnite has a classic plot: a world destroyed and ravaged by zombies where heroes must destroy them and protect the survivors. However, Epic Games innovates in this type of RPG games by implementing for the first time its Unreal Engine 4 technology, an evolution of “first-person combat”.

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Characteristics and functionalities of Fortnite

The game is divided into two blocks. The first is purely strategic where players must collect materials of all kinds destroying everything in their path and use those resources to build forts and other constructions. The second block of the game is precisely to fight the zombies and defend the person using different types of weapons and the traps and constructions created during the day. To be successful in these actions, Fortnite offers four types of a hero to the users: the builder, the soldier, the Ninja and the globetrotter, each with a different role and their own qualities to adapt to each of the missions To make.

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Fortnite is presented as an action, construction and strategy game where each level is created in a random way so that each game is totally different from the previous one and where it is allowed to share missions with up to four more players.

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