5 Tips that can Enhance Your Drawing

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Drawing is one of the arts that best expresses life. Some believe that person are born with the gift of drawing, others believe that with much training it is possible to reach a high level of knowledge. The only certainty is that any draftsman/illustrator needs to practice – and a lot – to become good at what he does.

“But is just practicing enough?”

Spending all day drawing at random may even contribute to learning, but learning and trying new things increases the level of creativity and technique. So this article is dedicated to presenting ideas for your trait.



5 Tips that can Enhance Your Drawing
5 Tips that can Enhance Your Drawing

Going out drawing everything you see may have a certain result, but what if instead of going out drawing everything randomly, would you do a study script? Yes, a script. Why not?!

It will be much more productive to do a study schedule with different techniques than to draw the first thing that comes to mind. As there are various days a week, we can divide each day to study a technique. Those who draw know that the more techniques they master, the better the composition of the drawing. So don’t just draw one thing – learn new things!

There are various techniques for different types of drawings, but some are the basis for whatever kind of representation you might make, here are some examples: the human figure, animal anatomy, light and shadow, perspective and object drawing. There are 5 techniques to learn. The tip is as follows: each day of the week, just practice one technique. On weekends, take the time to review and practice what was learned during the study period. Thus, in addition to organizing a study schedule, we go through various practices that enrich learning.

As for the duration of the studies per day, this may vary according to your routine. If you have a lot of free time, draw 2 or 3 hours. If you are short on time, draw 1 hour a day. It can even be 30 minutes a day if the routine is more hectic, as long as it is half an hour well spent.



5 Tips that can Enhance Your Drawing
5 Tips that can Enhance Your Drawing

Generally, designers are great observers. It can be a natural thing for a human to observe things. But observing goes beyond just looking, observing is sticking to the details, imagining the variations that object/artifact would have, and especially creating reproductions in the mind. The more you look (in detail) in the world, the more possibilities and references will be in your head. A good tip is to try to draw what you are seeing in as much detail as possible, this makes your perception better and sharper. So, before you start building a drawing, look at it closely. Both him and his surroundings. Walk with a notepad and draw what you see.

– Are you waiting in line at the bank? Draw what is around you.
– Are you traveling? Draw what you see.
– Are you waiting for the bus? Waste no time, draw something. 😉



5 Tips that can Enhance Your Drawing
5 Tips that can Enhance Your Drawing

Who creates, needs references! In any area of ​​creation, references are absolutely important. Sometimes our brains can’t imagine a particular situation, so we use photo references so we can sketch our ideas. The internet is there for that! Many drawings are made through photos and sculptures, and from that, use the fonts we already have to build.

In addition to references to photos, sculptures, and nature, it is important to have references for artists. There are thousands of artists who perform for many years and most carry enough luggage for a lifetime of study. It is important to stay tuned and to know as many different artists and styles as possible to observe and learn. Build a kind of “library” with the artists you prefer and keep up with your work. We all have that special source of inspiration to look at when that idea is missing for the project.



5 Tips that can Enhance Your Drawing
5 Tips that can Enhance Your Drawing

Our mind needs constant stimulation. In order to learn things more easily, we need to have a trained brain. Try training it every day. These “drills” can happen through games, puzzles, reading and more options. Remember that for everything we do, the brain is ahead.

There is a book called: Drawing with the right side of Betty Edwards ‘s brain. This book is a manual we can use to train the brain to better understand perception and draw more easily. This book is one of the most important support materials for designers, worth checking out.



5 Tips that can Enhance Your Drawing
5 Tips that can Enhance Your Drawing

Once we have achieved a certain ‘level of knowledge’, we tend to stop studying. Sometimes, because we think we have mastered a technique well, we end up giving that “relaxed” in knowledge. It’s nice to realize that we have reached a cool level, but stopping learning is not interesting to anyone. We must seek to challenge ourselves! Learn new techniques, different subjects, different ways of doing things.

– Can you draw well on paper ?! Have you thought about learning Illustrator and Photoshop to start making digital drawings?

– “Manja” in making drawings with charcoal !? Have you thought about trying to learn to draw with watercolor or coffee?

These are the kinds of challenges we must do every day. Challenging our own knowledge is a great way to reach a higher level.

I hope these tips can help your personal growth. Remember that there are endless possibilities for learning in this world of drawing, use them to your advantage. 😉

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